Parliament discusses 2018 state budget performances

2019-10-04 16:38:07

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. At its plenary session on October 4, Parliament approved equilibrated revenue of 2018 state budget performance at MNT 6.8 trillion and equilibrated expenditure at MNT 7.1 trillion.

The Budget Performance report encompassed budget performances of more than 5300 organizations funded and operated by state budget as well as Future Heritage Fund, Stabilization Fund, Social Insurance Fund and Health Insurance Fund.  During the parliamentary discussions, officials highlighted that the state budget of Mongolia showed several positive outcomes, having surplus of MNT 27 billion and not requiring budget amendments. 

Parliament members while discussing the 2018 budget performance expressed their views on certain issues worthy of further consideration.  In particular, MP B.Battumur noted that since foreign debts of Mongolia reached USD 27.9 billion and the government’s debts decreased to MNT 9 billion, improved debt management is necessary along with trade policy and proper measures for protection of domestic market, development of new factories and job creation.