Singer B.Myagmarsuren to give classic concert with French opera singer

Art & Culture
2019-09-19 18:45:08

Meritorious Cultural Worker, blues singer B.Myagmarsuren is to present a concert ‘French Italian Romantic Ladies’ together with French opera singer (soprano) Lyrissa Toscanelli. We interviewed her about the concert to be staged on September 30 at the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

Mongolians love to listen to your beautiful pop songs. You are living abroad for many years. The news about you coming to your home country to give a classic concert surprises.

I graduated the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture as an opera singer in 1997 under instruction of my voice coach D.Dashiimaa. Since then I could not sing opera songs. When I was a student, I staged two concerts; one is named by ‘Rainbow’ /Solongo/ romans composed by music composer B.Sharav and the another one is ‘Arie Antiche’. I enrolled in the French Conservatory of Music in 2012. Opera is a big professional art. I get huge motivations from powerful female roles,who are heroic, optimistic and do not give up anything. In 2014, I started taking lessons from my voice instructor Lyrissa Toscanelli from the French Conservatory of Music. As it is my acquired profession, I started developing my singing techniques progressively.

When did you decide to perform joint concert with your French teacher?

I learned singing many beautiful opera arias. I even gave a concert, singing only Ave Maria. One day, I proposed Ms. Lyrissa to give joint concert and she accepted. She formulated concert program and brought it to me. It was incredible program. In Europe, artists who at their age of 40, 50 and even 60 are considered to be at good age to sing. Therefore, maybe because I have lived in Paris for many years, I was easily inspired by my wish to sing and started to restudy. Now I am going to give a concert to my Mongolian audience to show what I have learnt. 

Could you elaborate on your concert program?

We will sing in French and Italian languages. Our concert is comprised of French and Italian classics, especially, popular opera arias and duets. Moreover, outstanding works composed by distinguished composers such as Jacques Offenbach, Georged Bizet, Saint-Saens, Charles Gounod, Hector Berlioz, Guiseppe Verdi, Vincenzo Bellini, and Gaetano Donezetti will be performed at the concert. This might be the first time that French professional soprano is coming to Mongolia, giving opportunity to Mongolian audience to listen these outstanding works in their mother tongue. I think that it is my tiny contribution making in development of opera.  In addition, Ms. Lyrissa will conduct ‘Master Class’ free of charge to students who are striving for becoming professional opera singers. I asked my instructor to give a lesson to Mongolian students. Authorities of the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture and Mongolian State Conservatory warmly received my request. This is a great chance to our students.

You have lived in France for a quite long time. You might be accustomed to the country, its people and culture. How is it to work with French artists?

To celebrate the 65th birthday anniversary of Z.Tumee (late renowned poet Z.Tumenjargal was her husband) I arrived in my country together with French musicians last year. They are so punctual, play very well in their genre, respect each other and have well organization. Even though it is hard for foreign artists to play Mongolian melodies, they did it at professional level. It is inspiring to me to collaborate with French artists.

How French audience receive Mongolian singer?

They listen to my songs with pleasure. I sing in different genres. Besides singing pop songs and folk songs, I give a concert to children. If my audience want to listen Mongolian folk songs, I sing them wearing my traditional costume. It is said that Mongolians are born with the natural range of voice. We have big and high cheekbones. Therefore, foreigners say that Mongolians sing in broad range of voice. 

You also work as a teacher in French schools, publicizing Mongolian custom and culture. Please talk about your teaching job?

In France, children are involved in various trainings to develop children. I give a lesson to introduce Mongolian lifestyle and culture at some schools in Paris. Through this lesson, I present about Mongolia to the children, talking about Mongolian climate, its beautiful nature, capital city, Mongolian children and how they study in urban and rural areas, how they help their parents, how they prepare dairy products, how they play with traditional games and so on. My pupils also solve a jigsaw puzzle with Mongolian map and paint coloring books with Mongolian traditional attire. Moreover, I present them writing their names and their parents’ names in traditional Mongolian script. They really enjoy it and understand their lesson well. A total of 15-20 children attend my class and they really like their lesson. 

Are you planning to stage your concert in other foreign countries?

I presented my concert several times in France and I am planning to stage it in China, the Republic of Korea and Russia in the future.