Mongolian team wins ‘Aravt’ international equestrian marathon

2019-08-09 16:02:07

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The team of Mongolia has won first place at the ‘Aravt’ international equestrian marathon that took place in the framework of the 5th International Army Games initiated by the Russian Minister of Defense S.Shoigu.

Teams of the Armed Forces of Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan competed in the event, with military personnel of the U.S, China, Vietnam and Zimbabwe as spectators.

Held for two days and one night, on the first day of the event, the participants completed missions along the 130 km course, such as catching a horse with a lasso and preparing it for riding, going through water and other obstacles on horseback, staying the night at a sand dune and transporting firearm by horse.

As for the 7.2 km short-distance mixed relay on the second day, they went from the starting point on foot and did various missions including throwing grenades, and shooting at targets.

By total points acquired from the two races, the team of the Mongolian Armed Force consisting of the top officers and sergeants of the brigades No.120, 232, 256 and 330 under the coaching of specialist at the Training Department of the General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces (GSMAF), Lieutenant Colonel Ch.Munkhtushig triumphed over the other teams. The team of Kazakhstan placed second, while the teams of Kyrgyzstan and Russia placed third.

President of Mongolia, Commander-in-Chief of the Mongolian Armed Forces Kh.Battulga participated in the closing ceremony and gave a speech.

He said, “I am very happy and grateful that the ‘Aravt’ international equestrian marathon was successfully organized in the land of horse-riding Mongolians. I wish to also personally congratulate all the soldiers that came over various obstacles, participating in the first equestrian marathon.

Mongolian horses played immeasurable role in regaining independence and in all events that happened in order to defend the country in the last century. The equestrian soldiers’ duty was important even in the Khalkhin Gol Battle, of which 80th anniversary will soon be celebrated with the friends we fought along with. 

We give special significance to organizing the first ever ‘Aravt’ equestrian marathon, which has been included in the International Army Games programme this year, in Mongolia. The ‘Aravt’ equestrian marathon contributes to the traditional friendship, mutual understanding between citizens and  in fortifying trust. Furthermore, it also enhances the region’s peace and security, and serves as preparation for using collective force and teamwork for the common interest of humankind, increasing trust. With the International Army Games continuing to grow in range, I am confident that the participants of the ‘Aravt’ equestrian marathon will also increase, becoming an event of even larger scale.”

Minister of Defense N.Enkhbold, Chief of the GSMAF, Major General A.Ganbat, Chief of Staff to the President Z.Enkhbold, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexander Fomin, Deputy Commander of the 41st Army of the Central Military District of the Russian Federation, Major General A.V.Podvilov, Deputy Commander of the Western Military District of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Colonel D.Ye.Khamitov, Head of the Training Center of the Kyrgyz Land Forces of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Lieutenant Colonel A.D.Orkoshev, ambassadors of participating and spectator countries, generals and officers attended the closing ceremony.

The first place award for the ‘Aravt’ international equestrian marathon was presented to the team of the Mongolian Armed Forces by Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexander Fomin and Chief of Staff to the President Z.Enkhbold.