LEGEND entertainment show to promote national arts to the world

Art & Culture
2019-07-05 11:09:53

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ 'LEGEND' entertainment show will take place at 7pm, July 7-12 at concert hall of Corporate Hotel & Convention Centre.


With a purpose to create Mongolian entertainment brand that connects creative cultural production, cultural relations and cultural tourism, the LEGEND SHOW project has been developed since 2018. LEGEND is an entertainment performance to take its audiences on a journey through the fantasy world that the Mongolians created, where all the wonders of Mongolians’ rich cultural heritage such as their folklore, urtyn duu (long song), morin khuur (horsehead fiddle), throat singing, folk dance, contortion are harmonized beautifully with modern ballet, aerial acrobatics, advancements of audio and visual technologies to tell a whole story.

The entertainment show is being directed by State Prize Laureate, Cultural Envoy of Mongolia N.Naranbaatar. Moreover, conductor and composer D.Tuvshinsaikhan, producer Kh.Soyombo, creative director N.Orgilbold, director Ts.Batnairamdal, set designer T.Gankhuyag, choreographers E.Erdenejargal and G.Batchimeg are collaborating on it.

LEGEND is a joint effort of over 100 professional artists including Mongolia’s greatest folk artists, Nomadic Ballet Production, Enkhe Boys circus production, Art Couture fashion studio, set and lighting designers, video graphic artists and many more.  

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, Ulaanbaatar city Tourism Department, Corporate Hotel & Convention Centre, Nuudel Brand, Trade and Development Bank, Modern Nomads, Tuvshin Foundation, Khulij Resort and Zuunii Medee newspaper are promoting the entertainment show.