Prime Minister meets representatives of elders

2019-02-22 15:13:54

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ Today, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh received representatives of people who are taking part in the Conference of Senior Workers of Mongolian Association for Elderly People.

At the meeting, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh briefed about present socio-economic situation of the country.

He noted that the government is working to have multi-pillared economy, provide citizens with healthy foods and further become food exporter country, have reliable energy grid and oil refinery, develop road, transport, infrastructure, information technology, communications and national production and expand its external relations. Furthermore, the government aims at building justice in the society and strengthening discipline and accountability in all levels.

Heads of Elders’ Committees of Khan-Uul district of Ulaanbaatar city, and Dornogobi, Sukhbaatar, Umnugobi, Gobi-Altai, Darkhan-Uul and Gobisumber aimags forwarded their proposal and requests, while expressing their support for government’s activities, especially commencement of major constructional works which have been talked for many years, and its efforts to build justice and enforce discipline and accountability.

Moreover, they requested to pay attention on eliminating disparity of retirement pensions, raising budget being allotted for promoting employment of elders, building rental flats for elders in rural areas, declaring 2020 as a Year of Elders as well as others.

Expressing his commitment to demonstrate on the matters, the Prime Minister said that he would work for making elders get benefit from economic growth. An official order will be issued, which will assign governors of the local areas to take actual measures to resolve pressing issues facing elders, added the PM.