Orkhon aimag to strengthen disaster management through project

2019-01-15 17:40:03

Orkhon /MONTSAME/ Aimed at reducing disaster risks, improving disaster management and enhancing disaster resilience, the World Vision International will implement a project ‘Disaster Resilient City’ in six baghs of Bayan-Undur soum of Orkhon aimag.


With the support of the branch of National Emergency Management Agency, of the Authority for FamilyChild and Youth Development in Orkhon aimag, Health Department and working groups of six baghs, the project will be implemented in high risk baghs, namely Erdene, Urtyn gol, Yarguit, Davaat, Govil and Tsagaanchuluut


In the frames of the project, works expected to be done include forming disaster management groups at levels of organization, khoroo and bagh. providing emergency services workwear, building capacity and introducing the law on disaster protection and prevention.


Moreover, the project will teach government organizations on how to be coordinated and work together effectively.