Paved road between Khamryn Khiid and Khanbayanzurkh to increase number of tourists

2019-01-11 18:05:07

Dornogobi /MONTSAME/ During the first meeting of 2019, the Governor's Council of Dornogobi aimag discussed construction works to be implemented in the aimag this year.


Being implemented in the frames of the project ‘Regional Road Development and Maintenance Project’ with the funding of the ADB, 18.25 km of paved road to Urgun soum en route Sainshand–Zamyn Uud will be put into operation this year. Although the construction work commenced in 2013, it hasn’t been completed due to the funding issues.

Whereas, the officials informed that the funding of 6.85km long paved road to Khanbayanzurkh en route Sainshand- Khamryn Khiid will be allocated from the 2019 State Budget.

With the commencement of the road, it is expected that the number of tourists and the revenue of the aimag from tourism sector would increase.