Capital’s coat of arms with the Golden Soyombo

2018-10-26 16:15:38

The 379th anniversary of the establishment of the capital Ulaanbaatar city is to marked on October 29.

In 1995, a set of regulations on the usage of the capital’s emblem and the flag’s design were approved by the Citizens’ Representative Meeting of the capital as the Article 5.1 of the law on the Legal Status of the Capital City stated, “The capital shall have its own flag and coat of arms.”

The capital’s coat of arms is the mythical bird khangarid (garuda), on which forehead, features the Soyombo symbol. While the garuda holds a key in its right hand, and a lotus flower in the left, it is also shown as stepping on a snake with its talons.

Representing stability and courageousness, the khangarid symbolizes the city’s great expansion and its glory throughout the world as well. The Soyombo on its forehead represents statehood and knowledge, while the key represents opening the gates to its people and ever continuing development. As for the lotus flower, it is associated with pureness and symbolizes tranquil existence without suffering, while the snake stepping on a snake represents the demolishing of the roots of evil.

Moreover, Garuda bird is also the symbol for the sacred Bogd Khan Mountain as well as one of the roles in Mongolian tsam. The Xiongnu empire, which is considered as having been the strongest empire among nomadic Asian dynasties of the time, had worshiped the mythical bird as a deity.

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