T.Khulan: Each day has its own color

2018-10-23 15:30:30

An art exhibition by artist T.Khulan, who has prior, mounted joint and solo art exhibitions in Japan, South Korea, China and so forth, is taking place under a theme ‘Once a day’ in ‘Joroi Khulan’ art studio.

This is her ninth solo exhibition where she is showcasing the top 25 out of her 200 works. The artist illustrates her everyday life in different colors using pen, oil paint and mixed techniques.

Founder of the ‘Joroi Khulan’ art studio, painter T.Khulan:

“I see each day with its own color. Depending on my mood of the day, the colors I see vary from warm yellowish to dark yellow. The poets put this feeling into words. As for me, I am staging this ‘Once a day’ diary-like exhibition of mine, expressing my feeling through colors.”

Ms. Khulan, who has been painting since 2002, has an aspiration to encourage young artists. Nine artists create their work at her studio, where she conducts weekly training for the people of all ages who are interested in painting.

Founder of the ‘Joroi Khulan’ art studio, painter T.Khulan:

The project was launched when I became a customer of the Women's Business Center in 2016. When I was looking for the ways to develop my start-up business and to find a sponsor and customers, I met Mr. Davaasuren, Director of ‘Taigam Altai’ LLC through my participation in the Shark Tank Mongolia. My studio was founded with his support and investment. The second floor of the studio is used as artists’ workrooms, while the first floor has a small tea shop and a space for conducting training and holding exhibitions.

Many interesting events are planned during the exhibition that run until November 11. In particular, Japanese tea ceremony, poetry event, movie night, Turkish dessert tasting day are to be held. Moreover, a course on Japanese will be provided on every Monday by a Japanese teacher. On the last day of the event, a music concert will be staged in scope of the ‘Sofer Sound’ international music festival. In the future, young artists of the studio will hold their joint exhibitions and are planning to have monthly exhibitions of new works.

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