PM U.Khurelsukh visits MAK's cement and block plants

2018-10-15 17:05:29

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Today, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh got familiarized with activities of Euro block factory of MAK LLC in Sergelen soum of Tuv aimag.

The company commissioned aerocrete factory under Hess AAC Systems technology of TOPWERK Group of the Federal Republic of Germany and has been producing and supplying euro standard met block to the market. Block being produced by MAK Company retains heat 3-5 times higher than normal brick and it saves heating and cooling expenses. 40cm thick euro block wall can fully satisfy heat retention indicators without using additional heating materials, the factory engineer emphasized. The factory has produced 310 thousand cubic meter block since 2015The factory has 24 hour-operation with capacity to produce 900 cubic meter block per day and 270 thousand cubic meter block a year.

After his visit to the block factory, the PM departed for MAK Euro cement plant located in Dalanjargalan soum of Dornogobi aimag. It has been over a year since the cement plant started to produce world standard cement and lime products, supplying to domestic market. MAK euro cement plant was built based on Khukh Tsav cement and lime mine and necessary raw materials are provided to the completely automated plant from its five mines.The cement plant has capacity to produce one million tons of cement and 100 thousand tons of lime a year. MAK euro cement products make up over 40 percent of domestic market, whereas euro block 60 percent.

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