Minister N.Tserenbat works in Dornogobi aimag

2018-08-20 16:21:29
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Environment and Tourism Minister N.Tserenbat and Member of Parliament G.Munkhtsetseg worked in Airag soum and Sainshand center of Dornogobi aimag.

During their working visit, they met with local authorities and discussed about constructing flood protection dams along the railroad and developing irrigation, afforestation and transboundary tourism. They also got familiarized with activities of the Administration of Galba-Uush Doloodyn Gobi River Basin, the Department of Environment and Tourism and the Department of Meteorology and Environment Monitoring of the aimag, resolving some matters on the spot.

In particular, they discussed about establishing infrastructure along Ulaanbaatar-Zamyn-Uud auto roads, expanding tourism in the Gobi region, creating permanent jobs in Dornogobi aimag as well as pressing issues and solutions on afforestation in the region.

During the meeting, relevant heads of the departments were assigned to urgently resolve required issues related to monitoring facilities.