Silk Road – Kharkhorum Festival to be held for the second year

Art & Culture
2018-07-23 11:39:06
Uvurkhangai /MONTSAME/ The second ‘Silk Road – Kharkhorum’ cultural and tourism festival is to take place in Kharkhorin soum on July, 27-29.

Tsam performance, worshiping, ‘Descendants of Great Khans’ art performance, exhibition of ancient rare books and sutras, three manly games and ‘Silk Road Sugnuun’ entertainment event will be organized during the festival, jointly organized by the Ministry of Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Governor's Office of Uvurkhangai aimag and Kharkhorin soum.

The forgotten term ‘Silk Road’ has been recollected recently, and the world is paying close attention to it. The Silk Road, which was used by Mongolians over two thousand years ago, was the world bridge for trade, economy, diplomatic relations, communication, science, technology and culture, connecting west, east, south and north.
Realized the significance of the road and restoring it, Uvunkhangai province decided to have the festival to make it a tourism brand.