Views exchanged on establishing Surgical Center in Mongolia

2018-06-05 18:27:50
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Minister of Education, Culture and Science Ts.Tsogzolmaa met representatives led by Director of the Center for Global Surgery Ray Price, Head of the Utah university Health center Juan Carlos, Professor of Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences O.Sergelen. They exchanged views on implementing a project of establishing Asian center for improving surgical skills.

“It is necessary to establish International study center in order to expand and develop Mongolian Health sector. The new study center is planned to take a number of measures for promoting reputation of the Health sector in the public and enhancing  surgical services, quality and professional skills”, noted Director of the Center for Global Surgery Ray Price at the beginning of the meeting. He presented the project to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, requesting the Government of Mongolia and the Ministry to support and collaborate in the project.

The establishment of a surgical center, by the consent of the two countries' governments, will give several benefits such as improving the quality of domestic surgical services, bringing skills of surgeons to the world standards, and reducing the health carea abroad dependence.

Minister of Education, Culture and Science Ts.Tsogzolmaa expressed gratitude to the representatives of the University of Utah for their dedication for the health of Mongolians over 10 years, conducting studies, and presenting the project. She also expressed the Ministry's readiness to support the project, emphasizing the fact that it meets the Ministerial policy of turning an educational university into a research university under the Higher Education Reform.