'Human' exhibition opens

Art & Culture
2018-03-13 10:46:09
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On March 12, young artist M.Altanlkhundaga opened her exhibition named ‘Human’ which comprised of total 49 portraits of guests of ‘100 esteemed persons of Mongols’ TV program, at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery.   
Inaugural ceremony was attended by participants of the program including the first President of Mongolia P.Ochirbat, State Honored Artist D.Sosorbaram and People’s Writer B.Baast.   
"It is possible to understand present social life of Mongolia through watching the whole program. Therefore, I  am performing my exhibition to publicize biography of the guests who have made great deeds in the country to the public more," said the artist. Artist M.Altankhundaga also founded ‘Movement’ production for children which is conducting art trainings to them.  
The exhibition will run until March 19 and will tour to Darkhan and Erdenet cities as well.