PASION brand bottled water debuts at the market

2018-02-06 16:07:37

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. A new bottled water with slogan “Natural minerals for your cells” comes in a unique bottle and in black color.

The brand new water is inaugurated by “Firstdoctor Asia”. The company released two kinds of bottled water the PASION BLACK alkaline water with more than 70 kinds of minerals and the PASION ALKALINE ionized mineral water. They emphasized the PASION brand’s line extension in the future.  

The company has decided to dissolve the fulvic acid preserved in the soil for millions of years in the water. It uses the minerals extracted from the Mount Everest soil. The natural minerals mixed with the water make it color black, so they named the product PASION BLACK.

The new product was promoted by Miss World Mongolia 2017 Ts.Enkhjin, creative director of the “Firstdoctor Asia”.