Mongolia counts 66.2 million head of livestock

Economy | Agriculture
2017-12-28 12:43:58
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolia has 66.2 million head of livestock, the preliminary results of annual livestock census reveal.

This shows an increase of 4.6 million head of livestock than the last year's.

The annual livestock census was conducted nationwide on December 7-17, and the preliminary results were disclosed on December 28 at a press conference.

The number of herding households reached 228.9 thousand, showing a 2.3 percent increase against last year. On the other hand, all the domestic animals – horse, cattle, camel, sheep and goat increased and sheep population makes up 45.5 percent and goat 41.3 percent. The horse population reached 3 million 939,400 whereas the cattle population counted 4 million 388,200.

Arkhangai aimag led the country with its population of horse, cattle and sheep while Umnugobi leads with camel population and Bayankhongor goat.