Decisions Made at the Cabinet Session

2024-04-18 13:01:24
Ulaanbaatar, April 17, 2024 /MONTSAME/. During its regular session on April 17, 2024, the Cabinet made the following decisions:

Draft Law on the Legal Status of the New Zuunmod City Presented

Minister of Mongolia and Chair of the National Committee on the Reduction of Traffic Congestion in Ulaanbaatar B. Delgersaikhan presented three issues at the meeting. After the introduction of renewing the Capital City's administration and territorial units, a Working Group was established by order of the Prime Minister. The Working Group is responsible for developing a draft Law on Renewing the Capital Administration and Territorial Units, transferring the functions of the Capital and some aimags to Ulaanbaatar City city.

Furthermore, in an effort to strengthen the economic capacity of the capital city and ensure its independent development, government members were tasked with discussing draft laws on addressing the economic and social issues of the Capital at the Cabinet meeting on April 24, 2024. They were instructed to prepare the necessary work for submitting the draft laws to the State Great Khural of Mongolia.

Drafts were prepared for several laws, including A Law on the Legal Status of New Zuunmod City; Amendments to the Law on Public and Private Sector; Amendments to the Law on Waste

Amendments to the Law on Environmental Protection; Amendments to the Law on Specially Protected Areas. New Zuunmod City's development plan includes eight zones: travel, trade, services, administration, student dormitories, research, transportation, logistics, international airport, and air cargo.

Additionally, a project and measures for internal and external bond financing were introduced at the Cabinet meeting.

To Enhance Student Dormitory and Learning Environments and Support Teacher Development, Public Universities to Receive Regular Funding

The Cabinet approved the "Regulation for Financing Fixed Costs of State-Owned Assets in Higher Education Institutions." The Minister of Education and Science and the Minister of Finance were instructed to include the fixed costs of state-owned assets owned by public universities in the annual State Budget.

This Regulation is expected to improve the student dormitory and learning environment, as well as support teacher development, by providing funding for fixed costs.

Additionally, under the Regulation, the State Budget will allocate additional funding for initiatives to enhance the learning environment at the Mongolian State Conservatory, as well as for the procurement and upkeep of teaching aids, musical instruments, and accessories.

Revised Draft Law on Science and Technology to be Submitted to Parliament 

The Cabinet discussed the revised draft Law on Science and Technology and decided to submit it to the State Great Khural of Mongolia. 


Upon the adoption of the draft Law, a legal framework will be established for the effective implementation of objectives of the science and technology policy enshrined in the Mongolian Constitution and that of long- and medium-term development policy in science, technology, and innovation (STI). The Law will also clearly define the rights and responsibilities of all participants in scientific and technological activities. Additionally, it will modernize Mongolia's STI management structure, organization, and operations to align with international standards. These measures will create a systematic approach to science and technology development, ultimately leading to improvements in social, economic, and human well-being indicators.

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