Orkhon aimag's Science and Technology Park opens its new units

2017-10-24 11:34:46
Orkhon /MONTSAME/ At the initiative of the Governor of Orkhon aimag, the Science and Technology Park has opened Monday its new units--the Human Ecological Center and the Welding Shop in the aimag with a key purpose to develop knowledge-based  economy through operating scientific and innovation activities and workshops.

Bearing the Academic Council, the park now has units of ‘Technology and Innovation Development Center’, ‘Industrial Technologies’, ‘Human Ecological Center’ and 'Welding Shop'. This shop satisfies the ISO 9001:2007 standard and has capacity to produce 10 tons electrode a day.

The park’s Human Ecological Center intends to conducts research on detecting 22 kinds of heavy metals and five kinds of non-metal chemical elements from water sources, soil, air, foods, drugs and cosmetic goods. This measure has the importance to protect human health and to prevent negative impacts on environment. As of today, the Human Ecological Park has successfully tested about 50 methods of research and analysis.