“Exclusive” looks to compete on global market

Mongolian Brands
2017-09-18 15:12:42
 In recent years, the clothing industry is becoming more globalized with no limits and barriers. Thousands of international manufacturers are making clothing and apparels and hundreds of clothing brands have already strengthened their position on the world market and had their own regular customers.
It is not a piece of cake to achieve success in the fast movements of fashion and clothing industry. However, achieving success in the garment manufacturing business is not an impossible thing thanks to effective goal setting and unique qualities of each business.
Mongolia is well-known for its mining industry and mineral resources in the world. But, there is an obvious demand for creating a national Mongolian clothing brand that could distribute the “Made in Mongolia” label to the world consumers. A domestic producer that can substitute imports and make apparels suitable for body proportion of the Mongolian people and their need is still missing. There is a chance to have such thing if we can take advantage of the geographical location and climate conditions as well as an abundance of agricultural raw material.
In this connection, the MONTSAME News Agency launches a new column “Mongolian brand” on its publications and is presenting the Mongolian clothing “Exclusive” brand as the first of the series. The Exclusive brand is striving to make a global market debut with an aim to introduce Mongolia to the world and develop the domestic industry for import substitution.
We were thankfully welcomed by Maitsetseg Gansukh, Founder of the Exclusive brand at the factory of her company. This hardworking woman, who had lived in Poland for a long time and gained education there, has opened her own company eight years ago. After graduated from the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University-UMCS of Poland, Maitsetseg has a great experience in garment making business as she had found a rag trade company named “EMA” in Poland and worked as a subcontractor of world famous brands “Demi Cler” and “Hugo Boss”. Besides Poland, she has a company “Maya Shenghua” in China.
“Despite the comparably smaller size of its factory, her business had introduced the European standard of clothing production for the first time in Mongolia” proudly said Maitsetseg. Started with only three people, the Exclusive brand has now grown into a company that has over 100 employees and three workshops and a factory with a capacity of producing 3 thousand pieces of clothing a day. Most notably, the Exclusive brand is tirelessly working to introduce the most advanced recent technologies to its factory. The brand spearheads in Mongolia through its production of body heat-keeping pants and shirts with “Heattech” technology of Japan and silk down coat with a Canadian technology.
As every person searches for the warmest coats during Mongolia’s extreme cold winter, imports of winter coats and jackets surges. Therefore, it is indispensable to support the domestic clothing manufacturers. Covering this necessity, the Exclusive brand has been making high quality silk down coats which has several advantages of keeping warm since it was established 8 years ago. The brand has introduced a modern down coat making technology with a loan taken from the Chinggis government bonds and after 5 years of studies, Maitsetseg has found a method of lining the inside of a coat with camel wool, which is great at holding the body heat and is as light as other synthetic materials.
“On the basis of our plan of technological reforms of the factory and expansion of the capacity, we are planning to manufacture more high quality and inexpensive warm coats and jackets that could replace imported products” says Maitsetseg, founder of the Exclusive. She further underlines that “best quality and excellent prices” is the main principle that represents her brand. Users always asks from her that “Why is the Exclusive brand very cheap? Can you guarantee the high quality?” Responding to them, she briefly says “I can promise hundred percent guarantee on the quality of our products”. Furthermore, she said the company has a talented fashion designer who used to work for H&M and C&A international retail clothing brands.
 -Mongolian brand has a potential to compete on the world market. What are the closest gateway to enter to the global markets?
-In terms of its geographical locations, Mongolia has big opportunities and we need to export our products to the markets of our neighbors China and Russia by having partnership agreements with them. However, it is usually understood that entering to the global market means opening a retail store in foreign countries. More important than that, it is necessary to supply the domestic made products to foreign chain stores in the first place. A part of my dreams lays on to make products that make foreign people want to visit Mongolia in order to purchase our products. Offering the highest quality and best price is the most proper way in this regard.
 -Processing the raw materials is vital for the comprehensive development of the light industry. Before Mongolia made a transition to market economy in the 1990’s, total production of fabric materials had reached 1.5 million meters. But today, this type of production is halted. Can fabric be popular on the market if textile manufacturing grows?
 -Of course, we can. In particular, we need to produce stretch fabric, which is commonly used in our manufacturing process and usually for making sportswear. The majority of clothing imports to Mongolia is sportswear. If we make this type of fabric domestically, our products would be able to beat imported clothing with same price by its quality.
 -During our conversation, you have mentioned the development of light industry many times? Why it is important for you?
 -I believe our mission is to contribute to the development of the light industry. As the EXCLUSIVE brand is not Maitsetseg’s brand only, it’s a Mongolian national brand. That is why we aim at making clothes, such as down and feather coats and camel wool vests with affordable price to all people. I see that more and more Mongolian national brands be born to enhance the quality of domestic-made clothing.
 -Throughout the interview I cannot take my eyes off from the knitted shirt you are wearing? Is it Exclusive?
 -Yes. This is from our new collection that will be launched soon. This year, we have planned several works and thinking of new business ideas apart from our daily operations of making 4-5 different styles of clothing. Moreover, this year, we are planning to open branches in three provinces and to have sales representative in each province nationwide. Also, the Exclusive brand will be importing its products to China, Russia and Japan.