President Kh.Battulga receives Prosecutor-General and Chief Justice Advisor

2017-08-02 17:47:19
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ President Kh.Battulga received Wednesday Prosecutor-General Kh.Enkhjargal and Chief Advisor of Justice M.Enkh-Amgalan. The President discussed about the alleged case of MNT 60 billion for trading off higher positions in government authorities.
The public is furious and insistent towards law enforcement on solving the case immediately. Also, 40 former and current politicians have been suspected of having offshore accounts.
“It is your duty to take control of the investigations after these cases, which are demanded by the people. As the President, you have my support by all means”, said Mr Battulga.
A former prime minister of Pakistan has resigned due to the discovery of his children’s offshore bank accounts. Meanwhile, the Panama Papers revealed offshore accounts that belong to 40 high-ranking officials of Mongolia. This has to be taken care of, said the President. “I have given a deadline of 49 days. I am willing to cooperate with you on this”, he noted.
Chief Commissioner of the Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) and the Prosecutor-General Kh.Enkhjargal and Chief Justice Advisor M.Enkh-Amgalan shared that a joint working group has been set up, ensuring the possibility to investigate the cases.