Two firefighting helicopters to be purchased with people’s donations

2017-08-02 14:10:02
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In order to support the works of emergency departments throughout the country, more than 770 individuals, companies and collectives have donated about MNT 760 million in times of nationwide disaster of wildfire. In the midst of July, wildfires were burning in 22 locations. National Emergency Commission received the donors today. NEMA Chairman Brigadier-General G.Arvinbuyan extended gratitude to those who helped.
The donors included representatives of the members of a social media club for ‘helping fire fighters’, such as officials from Energy Ministry, Petrovis LLC, Oyu Tolgoi LLC, APU Co, Shunkhlai LLC, TESO Group, Eco Construction LLC, Khan Bank, E-Mart, Altan Dornod LLC, MIAT Co, Gutal Co, Bolor Mining Group, Monos Group and Khuree Rotary Club.
During the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the State Emergency Commission U.Khurelsukh said “Thanks to all of you, warm-hearted people who helped extinguishing fires by all possible means. I have run into an old woman outside the NEMA office. She carried a flashlight and told me she wanted to donate it to the firefighters over at the hot spot. Mongolians are the kind of people who would help each other with all they have. We are discussing at the moment about purchasing two emergency helicopters with the donations. They are estimated to cost about USD 30 thousand”.
The law enforcement detained 70 individuals who allegedly started the wildfires and inflicted fines of over MNT 30 million.
“At the moment, seven fires are burning in Selenge, one in Bulgan and one in Khuvsgul aimags. Some 300 fire fighters from NEMA are in the action”, said Brigadier General G.Arvinbuyan.