Former Premier appointed political advisor to President

2017-07-28 16:22:31
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A former Prime Minister of Mongolia, Mr Altankhuyag Norov was appointed the political advisor to the President of Mongolia, in accordance with the presidential decree issued today, July 28. N.Altankhuyag was appointed the 27th head of government by the DP-dominated parliament in 2012 and was ousted in 2014.
Altankhuyag Norov worked as a lecturer at the National University of Mongolia between 1981 and 1990,
Secretary-General of the Social-Democrat Party of Mongolia between 1990 and 1992,
Director of “Ene Udur” (This Day) Company in 1994-1996,
a parliament member in 1996-2000, Minister for Agriculture and Industry in 1998-1999, chairman of the Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy in 1999-2000,
Secretary General of the Democratic Party in 2001-2003,
Minister for Finance in 2004-2006,
Advisor to the DP Council in the State Great Khural (parliament) in 2006-2008,
A parliament member and Deputy Prime Minister in 2008-2012,
Chairman of the Democratic Party in 2008-2014,
Prime Minister in 2012-2014,
A parliament member in 2012-2016, and has been working as
Leader of “Development-Democracy” NGO since 2015.