Mongolian girl gets golden buzzer at Sweden’s Got Talent

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2017-04-17 14:57:21
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Two days ago, a 22-year-old Mongolian called Yanjaa had the judges of the Sweden’s Got Talent, without any hesitations, hit the golden buzzer with her intellectual performance.
Yanjaa Altansukh brought the audience on the edges of their seats as she called 20 random viewers up to the stage and memorized their names in 20 seconds.
Then, she called out their names accurately, without any mistake. All of this happened just within a minute and a half.
A couple of years ago, Yanjaa became the champion in women’s solo category of the World Memory Olympiad. Reportedly, she speaks 14 different languages.
A.Yanjaa lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She came to Europe with her family when she was only 5-6 years old, as Yanjaa said during the Sweden’s Got Talent audition.
When asked what she would do if she gets the grand prize of the Sweden’s Got Talent, Yanjaa said she would dedicate the money to create an application to help newcomers to this country [Sweden] to learn Swedish more easily and quickly.
Yanjaa says she wants to share her experiences of learning languages with many more.
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