Difficult spring expected in 60 percent of territory

2017-03-13 11:37:17

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ There is a risk of difficult spring in around 60 percent of the territory of Mongolia, reported National Emergency Management Agency.

In the winter of 2016-2017, Mongolia was covered in 70-80 percent snow cover which led to difficult wintering situation in some 150 soums of 17 aimags. According to a National Agency for Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring report, 100 soums  were in a white dzud condition whereas 53 soums were in a milder dzud condition this winter.

In addition to international aids worth MNT 9 billion provided to help herders overcome the difficult wintering situation, Mongolian Government rendered aid worth MNT 3.7 billion. Also, 137 soums received fodder.