10 clinics to be built with Turkish aid

2017-02-24 12:26:10

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Sh.Ankhmaa, City Governor’s Office’s deputy in charge of social affairs received the delegations led by Ismail Hakki Turunc, the Chief Advisor of the Governor of Istanbul, Turkey. The sides discussed the project on the establishment of 10 hospitals using the non-refundable aid of Turkey. Within the project framework, 9 family clinics and a dialysis clinic will be established.

Sh.Ankhmaa expressed her gratitude towards the delegates for providing aid in Ulaanbaatar and said “Many projects are being implemented through foreign investment in Mongolia. But this project is one of the relatively few non-refundable aid”.

A total of 152 family clinics are operating in 152 district committees throughout the city. And because of the scarce apparatus and obsolete facilities, the clinics are in dire need for reconstruction. Therefore, the renovation of nine clinics will be a relieving aid for Mongolia. The project is planning to commence with the construction season in April and Hakki Turunc mentioned that the construction work will be handled by Mongolian companies. Also, the project indicates that 10 medical apparatus will be installed in the Dialysis Clinic.

City Governor’s Office has prepared the construction sites of the clinics. Specifically, 5000 m2 area of Dialysis Clinic in Khan-Uul district and 1000 m2 for each Family Clinics are planned by the Governor’s ordinance. As for the Family Clinics, 600 m2 areas will be used for the facility and 400 m2 will be composed of green areas.

By the estimation of the Turkish side, each Family Clinics are expected to have 6 doctors that will provide medical service for 1800-2000 people which means they are capable of providing medical service to 12 thousand people. After visiting the selected construction areas, the delegates of Istanbul have met the authorities of Ulaanbaatar. Also, Sh.Ankhmaa noted that the Governor’s office will provide support in every way possible to hasten the project.

Source: City Governor's Office