Buckwheat to be grown in Selenge aimag

2017-01-23 11:55:13

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Authorities of Selenge aimag visited Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan and established a cooperation agreement on sowing buckwheat in Selenge province last week.

A.Erdenegerel, Head of Department of Investment and Policy Planning of Development of the Administration of Selenge province said “Two specialists from Shizuoka prefecture will work in Selenge province to advise to farmers and agrarians. Japanese specialists will arrive in Mongolia four times during the period from spring planting time to autumn harvesting. After harvesting buckwheat grown in Selenge province, Shizuoka prefecture will purchase the buckwheat in accordance with the agreement".

Moreover, a working group led by the Governor of the Shizuoka prefecture is planning to pay a working visit to Selenge province next August in order to seek for opportunities to cooperate in other spheres.

For the time being, Baruunburen, Altanbulag, Baruunkharaa and Khushaat soums of Selenge province sow the buckwheat over 1000 ha every year. In 2016, a total of 335 tons of buckwheat was harvested for the consumption of the soums.