Stock exchange in first seven months of 2016

2016-08-23 16:52:26

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ During trades of stocks by first seven months of 2016, 49.6 million stocks costing MNT 160.2 billion were traded, showing a decrease of MNT 474.8 billion or 74.8%, whereas the number of traded stocks increased by 28 million units or 2.3 times against the previous year.

1.6 million shares costing MNT 3.2 billion were traded in July 2016, which declined by MNT 2.3 billion or 41.6% against June, while the number of traded shares increased by 0.5 million or 39.8%.

In the secondary market trade of governmental shares, governmental bonds of MNT 63.7 billion were traded in first seven months of this year, which decreased by MNT 244.7 billion or 79.3% against the previous year.

In July of 2016, governmental bonds of MNT 0.2 billion were traded, declining by MNT 4.9 billion or 96.7% against June.

The TOP-20 index was 12,689.3 units in July of 2016, which increased by 1,237.4 units against June, but declined by 1,529.7 units against the previous year.

The total market capitalization of joint stock companies was set at MNT 1.5 trillion in July of this year, increasing by MNT 65.8 billion or 4.6% against June.