Mongolians attend Montreal Canada Day Parade

Art & Culture
2016-07-06 17:54:00

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolians living in Canadian Montreal demonstrated their culture at the annual Montreal Canada Day Parade held on July 1.

Annual since 1977 just months after the separatist political party, Le Parti Quebecois, first came to power back in November 1976, this event involves multinational people, organizations and institutions in order to promote their culture, national clothes, arts and to strengthen people’s ties, understanding and solidarity.

As being a country of multination, Canada, its government, states and cities always support such measures for solidarity. Famous people and officials from 72 organizations such as Stephane Dion, the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs; Denis Coderre, the Mayor of Montreal; and other officials attended the parade. Apart from Mongolia, it also attracted 40 thousand participants from Japan, China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, Iran, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece and Armenia.

The Mongolia-Canada Cultural Society, the Embassy of Mongolia in Canada and Mongolians in Quebec presented their national costumes and traditional songs and music.

As of today, some 5,300 Mongolians are residing in Canada, and over 200 of them are living in Montreal.