As cashmere output quality improves, export price might go up

2016-04-28 18:21:40

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Cashmere trading at the Agricultural Exchange has increased against last month, reported the exchange. Next month is the peak season for cashmere market in Mongolia.

A kilogram of unprocessed light colored cashmere is costing 61,000 MNT, whereas a kilogram of dark cashmere is 59,800 MNT, as of today. On April 27, the Agricultural Exchange conducted trades of 10.9 billion MNT, among which was 91 tons of cashmere that cost 5.4 billion MNT.

Combed cashmere of dark color costs 117,900 MNT and that of light color costs 120,500 MNT. The cashmere price is slightly lower than that of the previous year.

Due to the abundant snowfall of last winter, cashmere output quality has improved. With the improving of recovery of pure cashmere from one kilogram of unprocessed cashmere, the cashmere export price might go up, state the exchange specialists.