Mining locations re-designated

Economy | Mining
2016-01-12 17:26:39

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Ministry of Mining announced on December 23 that 8.0 million hectares of ecologically important and specially protected areas and natural reserve national parks have been excluded from areas where mining operations can be allowed. Meanwhile, 9.7 million hectares have been added anew to the list of areas for mining operations.

Accordingly, 1.4 million hectares near the borderlines are now available for mining operations. It is of great importance to build infrastructures, improve settlements and to back the national security and territorial integrity with geological researches, say the Ministry officials.

At a cabinet meeting, 652,527.9 hectares of Tost and Tosonbumba Mountains, located in Gurvantes soum of Omnogovi (South Gobi) aimag, have been take as a state reserve in accordance with the Law on Mineral Resources. It means that mining permits will no longer be issued to operate in this area, and the mining exploration and extraction will be limited on previously issued permits.