Dr.Takeshi Kasai: national movements initiated by Mongolian President are closely aligned with WHO objectives

2022-06-16 15:16:44

President U.Khurelsukh received World Health Organization’s Regional Director for the Western Pacific Dr.Takeshi Kasai on June 14.

At the meeting, on behalf of the people of Mongolia, the President expressed gratitude to the WHO and the WHO Representative Office in Mongolia for their huge assistance and support in overcoming the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr.Takeshi Kasai highlighted that the Mongolian government had taken early and immediate action during the COVID-19 pandemic, which proved successful in keeping COVID-19 from spreading to the community for 10 months, as well as had immunized its target population in a short period of time.

Mr.Khurelsukh briefed on the national movements, including ‘One Billion Trees’ aiming at reducing the impact of climate change and desertification, ‘Food Supply and Safety’ which has a goal to meet domestic demand for 19 food products over the next five years, as well as ‘Healthy Mongolian’ movement to promote a healthy and active lifestyle and build a better drinking culture.

The President also said he believes the reduction of soil degradation will improve food quality and, to the that extent, the goal of protecting public health will be achieved. He also added said that he would cooperate with the WHO in all aspects in frames of the national movements.

Dr. Takeshi Kasai noted that the national movements initiated by the Mongolian President are closely aligned with WHO objectives and are becoming good experience for regional and member states. He expressed his commitment for further cooperation in this area.  

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