Eagle huntress N.Aisholpan establishes foundation

2018-10-12 15:32:41

Internationally recognized eagle huntress N.Aisholpan has established her own foundation to help children from low-income households.

In 2014, a 14-year-old eagle huntress N.Aisholpan starred in the film ‘The Eagle Huntress’ which made her internationally famous.

Since then, she has been making a big contribution to developing the tourism sector of her country. Some 1000 tourists visited Bayan-Ulgii aimag to watch ‘Eagle Festival’, 60 percent of whom revealed that they had received the information about the festival from the film ‘The Eagle Huntress’, according to a study.


Today, we’re officially opening ‘Aisholpan Foundation’. I have dreamt of helping poor people since I was a little. I am happy that my dream is going to be realized through the foundation.

Her father R.Nurgaiv will work as the President of the Foundation while N.Aisholpan as Executive Director.

Moreover, the United Nations Population Fund and other international organizations expressed their readiness to support the future activities of the foundation.