Visa waiver programme cancelled

2016-01-07 12:41:18

In 2014, the Mongolian Government, in its efforts to promote the tourism industry of the country has taken a decision to wave visas for the passport holders of 42 countries , including Austria, Andorra, Argentina, Denmark, Great Britain, Iceland, Spain, Italy and etc. Citizens of these countries were allowed to travel for 30 days in Mongolia without a visa until December 31, 2015.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia has announced that this viza waiver programme will not continue after the above mentioned date. The Ministry has mentioned several reasons for cancelling the programme. During the period when the programme was realized, the number of tourists has not increased and an increase in foreign investment was not observed.

Besides that, abovementioned 42 countries had not provided visa benefits for Mongolian citizens. That’s why, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that there is no need to continue this viza waiver programme.