The Nutcracker ballet mesmerizes audition again

2015-12-16 14:51:48

Having staged in a new style, the Nutcracker ballet has become one of the unique pieces of ballet art of Mongolia. Over 30 years passed since the ballet was staged for the first time in the Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet under the name “Shelkunchik” directed by a Russian famous producer Petipa.

          In 2014, the well-known ballet was staged in Mongolia again with the new name The Nutcracker. At the initiative of the Mongolian Development Foundation for Ballet, the ballet was directed by a State Honored Artist Altankhuyag under the style of Boston’s Ballet theatre. It is remarkable that the ballet made several debuts in the art history of Mongolia. The style of stage, directing of the ballet and dresses magnified attention of the audition. Moreover, the ballet was performed with children selected from various places of the country. In 2014, the ballet was staged with 150 amateur children and this number went up to 200 this year, preparing future ballet dancers.

          The audition said they enjoyed the new style of The Nutcracker and its opening, feeling like watching a new kind of the ballet. They really enjoyed adorable lambs, continuing fall of snow filling the stage and the unique direction.

          The Nutcracker has become a tradition of Mongolians to enjoy in approaching times of New Year.