Mongolian Artists Participating in NordArt International Art Exhibition

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2024-06-06 12:51:17

Ulaanbaatar, June 6, 2024 /MONTSAME/. The 25th NordArt International Art Exhibition opened in Büdelsdorf of the Federal Republic of Germany on June 1, 2024.

NordArt, one of the most prestigious large-scale contemporary art exhibitions held annually in Europe, is celebrating its 25th-anniversary exhibition with a special tribute to award winners and artists, with its special projects. NordArt collects 3000 artist creations worldwide annually and exhibits the top 200 art pieces.

General Curator of NordArt Wolfgang Gramm commented on this year’s exhibition, “Art is like an invisible earthquake, it truthfully expresses the shaking in society. It reflects the true nature of humans, their desires, and intuition. Artists from all over the world have convened here to create their dreams using their past experiences. They search for treasure like archeologists of old, and study current social trends and create new and positive spaces of hope for the future”

Mr. Hans Julius Ahlmann said, “Mongolian artist A. Ochirbold got his first spectator award in 2015, and the Grand Prix prize in 2019. He is now attending the 60th Venice Biennale, and his art stands tall in the United Nations Headquarters garden in New York. I am delighted that the skills and expression of Mongolian artists are improving exponentially year after year.”

Contemporary Mongolian art was first presented at the NordArt exhibition in 2015, and during the 10 years since then, the unique artworks, fusion of Mongolian tradition, nomadic culture, and modern art drew the attention of many spectators.

Created as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the Federal Republic of Germany, the fifth independent Mongolian pavilion will showcase new and unique art pieces from 21 Mongolian artists until October 6, 2024. 

Contemporary Mongolian art pieces are exhibited for the second time in the Wagenremise(Coach Shed), where the first NordArt exhibition took place. The 80,000 square meter garden displays the Honored Cultural Figure of Mongolia A. Ochirbold’s “Conscience” and “Humans did not add weight to Earth”, and “Reflection” by B. Dulguun. 

Art pieces in the Mongolian pavilion are at the center of attention by spectators. These include the Honored Cultural Figure of Mongolia(HCFM) T. Battogtokh’s “Judgement” installation made of shoulder bones of sheep and goats, HCFM S. Dagvadorj’s “Caragana” made by rusting cast iron to create a golden hue, D. Dulguun’s “Portrait” an art piece to discover oneself made by polishing cast iron, avantgarde artist Unen-Enkh’s collection of sculptures made of traditional materials such as metal wires, felt, and horse hairs, HCFM J. Tuvshinjargal’s “Blue Autumn Wind” made with rare green granite, HCFM Ts. Enkhjargal’s “Wolf Moon” and “Duke of the Qing Empire”, B. Bayart-Od’s exquisite display of Mongolian line art “Chronicler”, young artist G. Gerelkhuu’s “Crow”, young artist E. Onongua’s artworks made by handcraft and mixed painting techniques. 

This year’s Mongolian pavilion's general organizers are the “Culture, Arts, and Media Project Management and Consultation” NGO and the Cultural Ambassador of Mongolia to the Federal Republic of Germany O. Oyuntuya. The official partner is the Embassy of Mongolia to the Federal Republic of Germany, while the cooperation partners are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, the Ministry of Culture of Mongolia, and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Mongolia. 

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