Mongolia Opens 4 Slaughterhouses and Meat Processing Plants Meeting International Standards

2024-05-08 10:16:31

Ulaanbaatar, May 8, 2024 /MONTSAME/. President of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa worked in “Trust Trade” LLC and “Ajigana” LLC under the National Campaign "Food Supply and Security” on May 7, 2024.

"Trust TradeLLC began its operations in 2000, focusing on meat and meat products and engaging in foreign and domestic trade. Initially operating with small-scale equipment, rented premises, and six employees, the company has significantly expanded over the yearsIt now owns factories and pig farms, as well as meat sorting and processing plants. The company offers more than 70 types of products to the domestic market and is preparing to export its products to five countries in the initial phase. Most recently, in 2023, Trust Trade opened a slaughterhouse with a daily capacity of 500 cattle and 1,000 small livestock (sheep, goat), and a storage capacity of 5,000 tons, operating under HALAL standards.

As part of the National Campaign "Food Supply and Security,a company secured loans to boost its capacity for food production, agricultural machinery, equipment, and specialized vehicles. This investment resulted in a 26% increase in sales this year, creating opportunities for new jobs. The company's CEO, R. Sansarmaa, anticipates continued annual growth in sales and profits, which will translate to increased tax revenue and social security contributions for the government.

In its expansion efforts, the company aims at becoming a leading organization in meat and meat product production by next year. Additionally, it plans to meet international standards by 2030 through increased productivity and innovation. 

Last year alone, soft loans totaling MNT 934 billion were granted to 1,957 entities and individuals under this campaign, with the interest difference covered by the state budget. Furthermore, import customs duties were exempted for 428 types of equipment required for 19 types of food and agriculture production. As stated by Deputy Minister of Finance of Mongolia Mungunchimeg Sanjaa, this support will continue.

As a result of the support, four slaughterhouses and meat processing plants that meet international standards were put into operation last year. Also, while the income from meat exports reached USD 277 million, the import of food products decreased by 12 percent. This means that Mongolia, which used to spend over USD one billion on importing food products, retained approximately USD 120 million within the country last year.