Czechs to Sponsor Mongolian Leather Industry

2023-03-09 13:11:23

Ulaanbaatar, March 9, 2023 /MONTSAME/. The Embassy of the Czech Republic is pleased to announce the new signing of a contract between the Czech Development Cooperation and the Mongolian Association of Leather Industry.

On March 9, 2023, Mr. Jan Vytopil, the Czech Ambassador, signed the contract with the Mongolian Association of Leather Industry in Ulaanbaatar. Within the framework of the contract, the company will receive financing valued at MNT 77,000,000 or the Czech technology for cleaning wastewater from the wool processing industry. 

A new wastewater treatment station will enable the Mongolian Association of Leather Industry to improve its environmental protection efforts and increase the efficiency of its wool processing operations. It represents a significant step forward in Czechia’s commitment to sustainable development and international cooperation.

The Czech contribution to Mongolia's leather processing industry dates back to the days of Czechoslovakia when a chevron factory was built and handed over to Mongolia between 1958 and 1960. A leather factory was established in 1975-1980, and a shoe factory with 3,500 employees was put into operation in 1979-1981. Within the framework of development cooperation, in 2007-2010, the leather factory modernization project of MLTJ LLC was implemented, and as part of the same cooperation, environmental pollution research at the Khargia treatment plant was conducted in 2010-2012, and recommendations were provided for further measures.