The first ballet competition “Mongolian Grand Prix” selected the leading ballet dancers and team

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2022-11-18 16:31:20

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The State Opera and Ballet Academic Theater (SOBAT) organized the first "Mongolian Grand Prix" ballet competition, announced the winners, and awarded them.


More than 200 ballet dancers aged 6-25 competed in 8 categories.


In the 6-8 age category in the classical solo genre of the first ballet competition, S. Oyukhan won first place, S. Dulguun won second place, P. Maral won third place, and E. Tselmeg took the honorable mention.


9-11 age category:

O. Gegeenee won first place, M. Nomin won second place, S. Anar won third place, and E. Urantugs took the honorable mention.


12-14 age category:

D. Burte-Ujin won first place, D. Burtjin won second place, E. Bayasgalan won third place, and U. Anar took the honorable mention.


15-19 age category:

B. Khulan won first place, E. Egshiglen won second place, A. Bayarjavkhlan won third place, and G. Dulguunnyam took the honorable mention.


16-25 age category in modern genre:

The best participants wereO. Iderbat, U.Munkhjin, and Kh Galtulga.


6-8 age category in classical team genre:

"Esmeralda's friends" team of Silfida Ballet Academy won the first place, "Khatad" team of Selenge aimag "Khatad" studio won the second place, "Light" team of "Dance garden" studio won the third place, "Gladness" team of "Gladness" Studio took the honorable mention.


9-11 age category:

"Viscaria" team of "Gladness" studio won first place, "Esmeralda's friends" team of Silfida Ballet Academy won second place, "Diana action" team of Silfida Ballet Academy won third place, "Dance garden" team of "Dance garden II" Studio took the honorable mention.


12-14 age category:

The winner is "Little swans" of Mongolian State Conservatory, and the runner-up is "The swans" team of Silfida Ballet Academy.


The chief judge of the first ballet competition was the chief ballet master of SOBAT D. Dashlkhagva. Judges are the head of SOBAT O. Ganbaatar, the executive officer of the composition of SOBAT E. Bekhtulga, and the State Honored Actress Kh. Gerelchimeg, classical dance teacher of Mongolian State Conservatory, Kh. Mungunkhulug, Classical dance teacher of Mongolian State Conservatory and State Honored Actress G. Tsolmon, solo dancer of SOBAT B. Saruul, and solo dancer and Honored Cultural Figure M. Od