Diesel fuel price to be kept at last spring’s level during harvesting

2022-07-27 16:46:23

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Cabinet has decided to spend MNT 6.5 billion from the government’s reserve fund to keep the price of diesel fuel at the same level as it was during the last spring’s sowing.

The price of diesel fuel was MNT 3,380 per liter during the last sowing season. However, it is MNT 4,030 today, increasing by 19.6 percent. An average of 20-25 thousand tons of fuel is needed every spring sowing and autumn harvesting. The price of 10 thousand tons of diesel will be kept at the same level as the last spring’s sowing.

The decision is aimed at keeping the price of wheat, flour, and other food products stable, highlighted the Minister of Agriculture and Light Industry Z.Mendsaikhan.

This year, sowing has been made to 478.7 thousand hectares nationwide, of which grain in 347.7 thousand hectares (wheat in 331.0 thousand hectares), potatoes in 17.9 thousand hectares, vegetables in 7.9 thousand hectares, fodder plants in 16.8 thousand hectares, and oil plants in 81.2 thousand hectares.

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