Arkhangai aimag pledges to plant 20 million trees by 2030

One Billion Trees
2022-03-15 16:42:50

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Arkhangai aimag plans to plant and grow 20 million trees as part of the ‘One billion trees’ nationwide campaign, spearheaded by the President of Mongolia.

The Office of the President, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and the Aimag Governor's Office jointly presented the strategy and action plan of the ‘One billion trees’ nationwide campaign to local and international organizations, businesses, and citizens.

According to authorities of the aimag, each of the 15 soums in the aimag will plant and grow one million, and the remaining five million will be planted by mining and forestry organizations and companies. It was also informed that the works have been launched in cooperation with some international organizations to increase the area of ​​65 hectares of afforestation to 600 hectares in the next two years.

A study revealed that 25,000 hectares of forest have been completely destroyed in the last 10 years due to illegal logging, forest pests, and climate change. Thus, comprehensive work is planned to increase the forest fund.