Licenses no longer required to conduct 74 types of services

2022-01-18 12:31:55

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Governor of the Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar’s Decree No. A / 987 of 2021 “On some measures to be taken to create a favorable business environment and reduce corruption and bureaucracy” entered into force starting from January 1, 2022. According to this decree, citizens and business entities are no longer required to obtain any permits or special licenses to conduct 74 types of business activities within the capital city.

The 1800-1200 Call Center provides 24-hour information on public services provided to citizens and legal entities by the capital city’s local administrative organizations, as well as information related to the “COVID-19” pandemic. In recent days, 27.5 percent of the calls to the Call Center have been related to 74 types of services.

Therefore, we would like to highlight information related to the 74 types of trade and services activities allowed in the capital city without any permits or special licenses. Starting from January 1, 2022 citizens and legal entities will be able to operate freely by registering on the www.ulaanbaatar.mnwebsite. As of January 11, more than 200 service requests have been registered in the online service registration system. Here are answers to common questions from citizens and business entities.

-How can citizens and companies register themselves in the system?

-Citizens and business entities can go to the “REGISTRATION OF SERVICES” section of the website to verify their information and gain access through the DAN registry system. After the first step, which is reviewing and accepting the standards, requirements, and the responsibilities, citizens and business entities must enter their identification numbers so that personal information is retrieved from the “KHUR” system. After this step, by entering the service location information and information about whether the document has been submitted before, your request will be registered and a registration page with a QR code will appear. You can start your business activities immediately after registering.

- Do you need any documents to register your request for the 74 types of activities?

-No documents are required from citizens to carry out 74 types of trade and services activities in the capital city. Previously, citizens and business entities engaged in trade, production and services were required to provide 7-12 types of documents (7-8 from government organizations, 3-4 from citizens and business entities) to obtain permits/licenses to operate. This has changed and no documents are required anymore.

However, if the premises are rented to operate trade and service activities, a copy of the rental or lease agreement and real estate certificate must be attached. Documents issued by government organizations will be processed through exchange of information, support, methodological advice, and cooperation between government agencies, without the participation of citizens and business entities.

-How can foreigners register their business?

- It is not possible for foreigners to obtain information from the “KHUR” system, so a citizen of Mongolia shall be registered as a trustee in a legal entity to operate.

-There are people who cannot register through the online system. Where can they go?

-Citizens who are unable to register through the online system can get instructions on how to register from the 1800-1200 Call Center or can register their service with the operator of the Service Center of the Capital city.

-Are previous permits required to be extended if the valid period has expired?

-Citizens and business entities operating in the past with permits and special licenses no longer need to renew their permits/licenses to continue operations,

In case of expiration of the certificate issued by the district, citizens and entities can register themselves through the website to continue their trade/services activities. This registration does not have to be renewed annually.