PM L.Oyun-Erdene sends letter to Prime Minister of India

2021-04-27 17:14:28

On April 26, Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene received Ambassador of India to Mongolia M.P.Singh. At the meeting, the sides exchanged views on cooperation amid the COVID-19 pandemic and other matters on bilateral relations.

PM L.Oyun-Erdene expressed regret over the worsening COVID-19 pandemic in India and the loss of many lives due to the deadly virus. Expressing solidarity of the people and the Government of Mongolia with its spiritual neighbor in this harsh time, PM L.Oyun-Erdene presented a special letter for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Ambassador, asking him to convey the letter.

While reiterating his gratitude for India’s donation of 150,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Mongolia, the PM noted that hundreds of Mongolians express their solidarity with the people of India, launching an initiative to help India. “This all indicates how strong Mongolia-Indian friendship is and I am hopeful that the peoples of the two countries would overcome this difficult challenge together,” said the PM.

Ambassador M.P.Singh expressed thanks to the PM and said thousands of Indians saw a photo showing Mongolians’ expression of solidarity with India. Even today, we are feeling the kindness of hundreds of people.

Furthermore, the sides agreed that works to implement large-scale projects including the establishment of oil refinery and talks on coal transportation, which are being carried out within the Strategic Partnership, would carry on further with no break even the countries are in the pandemic situation.

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