Training on Meat Factory Operating Systems successfully organized

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2021-04-23 13:02:32

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ FAO Mongolia in cooperation with the General Authority of Veterinary Services (GAVS) is developing a “Meat Factory Operating System (MFoS)”, to be introduced in all meat processing factories in Mongolia. In connection, an introduction training of the MFoS systems has been conducted for 33 slaughter house, located around Ulaanbaatar city, management and staff on 21st of April 2021 by the GAVS and the system developer Digital Medic LLC. 


The first testing of the MFoS system will be done on 24th of April at the Bayandelger Food and Meat Processing Factory in Tuv aimag. The test will show how the system operates during the slaughtering process, and with the successful implementation, the factor will be the first meat processing factory in Mongolia to introduce the new MFoS system. 


As part of the introduction of the new system, a meat certificate, containing information on the meat origin and the health inspection has been issued from the animal registration certificate to provide more transparent information and tracking possibilities for the end-users or consumers. 


Upon successful testing of the MFoS system, FAO and GAVS are planning to introduce the system in stages to all meat processing factories in Mongolia.


Source: FAO Mongolia

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