MIAT reduces its fares for charter flights by 15 percent

2021-02-26 17:58:23

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Due to the situation of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Mongolia closed its border. So, the Government of Mongolia has announced to re-open its air border at phases. In regard with it, Director in charge of Commerce of MIAT Mongolian Airlines Ya.Ulziibold gave briefings.

He claimed that the company is reducing its flight ticket price by 15 percent. This will belong to charter flights repatriating Mongolian nationals from overseas and the decision will come into effect from March 1.

“Our company is backing works to repatriate Mongolian citizens from abroad. As the citizens have put requests on the flight ticket price and payment, the State Emergency Commission convened and gave directive to MIAT Mongolian Airlines state-owned enterprise. It was obliged to lower air ticket for all destinations down by 15 percent. The decision will continue till completion of the repatriation by charter flights starting from March 1.”

Specifically, charter flight en route Seoul costs KRW 530 thousand and it will be reduced to KRW 457 thousand with 15 percent discount. JPY 59,150 ticket in route Tokyo will be lowered down to JPY 51,050, in route Frankfurt ticket price downs from EUR 830 to EUR 731, for Istanbul from USD 734 to USD 629 while USD 364 ticket in route Nur-Sultan will be reduced to USD 314.

"Prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 infection, MIAT Mongolian Airlines state owned enterprise worked with profits in 2018-2019 and made its contributions to the state budget. However, according to 2020 report, the company has a deficit of nearly MNT 35 billion and  if the debt related to purchase of “Boeing Max” aircraft is added, the total deficit would reach MNT 58 billion," he said. 

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