Mongolia receives first COVID vaccine from India

2021-02-22 12:59:34

150,000 doses of Made in India, Covishield Astra Zeneca Vaccine granted by Government of India have arrived in Mongolia today on February 22, and have been handed over by Ambassador of IM P Singh to Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia S. Amarsaikhan in a special ceremony held at Buyant-Ukhaa Airport.


In his remarks, Ambassador M P Singh said that India is glad to be the first nation to provide Covid vaccine to the ‘Spiritual Neighbour’ and ‘Strategic Partner’ Mongolia, in the very first phase, in which 6.3 million vaccines have been gifted to 13 friendly nations. This gesture demonstrates our cooperative and collaborative spirit, our bond of hearts and the importance of Mongolia in our ‘Act East’ policy.


Deputy Prime Minister S.Amarsaikhan thanked the Prime Minister of India for placing Mongolia at the forefront of the list of countries for supply of 150,000 Covid vaccines, and mentioned that today’s event will go down in history. The Deputy Prime Minister then said, “The Mongolia-India strategic partnership is expanding and joint projects and programs are being implemented successfully in various fields to strengthen friendship between the people of Mongolia and India.”


The Ambassador expressed hope that the vaccination program, expected to commence shortly in Mongolia, will provide required health security in the country, reinforce the safety of the Mongolian healthcare & frontline workers, and serve as a contribution in bringing the Mongolian economy back to normal growth.


In addition to the doses gifted today, India stands ready to assist Mongolia in securing extra supplies of Covid vaccines from India on a commercial basis.

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