‘Compilation of Academician Ch.Dalai’s Works’ nine-volume set published

2021-01-18 17:51:43

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At the initiative of the National Council for Mongolian Studies at the Ministry of Education and Science, a nine-volume set titled ‘Compilation of the Works of Academician Dalai Chuluun’ has been published with funding support from the Ministry of Culture. 


In 2020, in celebration of the 90th birth anniversary of Honored Scientific Figure of Mongolia, Academician, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Dalai Chuluun, as per a decision of the Academic Council of the Institute of International Affairs of Mongolian Academy of Sciences, all nine volumes featuring the academician’s works have been published for the first time in the ‘Best Legacy of Mongolian Studies’ series. 


As the academician’s works had not been republished in the last over 10 years and become hard to find, the MAS Institute of International Affairs sought to present the works of renowned senior scholars in a series and an editorial board and a working group were established by order of the MAS President. 11 scholars including MAS Senior Vice President, Academician G.Chuluunbaatar, Doctor, Professor L.Khaisandai, and other researchers and their disciples joined the editorial board in charge of the compilation.


The Academician attached more importance to a number of fields in the studies of the history of Mongolia and defined his ideology, and his extensive research covered Khamag Mongol, Mongol Empire, policy and life of Chinggis Khaan, origin of Mongolian people, statehood traditions, religion, culture, Mongolian and other central Asian civilizations, national revival, and historical relations between Mongolia and China, Mongolia-Japan, and Mongolia-South Korea. 


Head of MAS Institute of International Affairs D.Zolboo highlighted that the nine-volume set features pioneering works that could lead to historical, global studies-related, cultural, and intellectual discoveries. In other words, the academician’s works have never lost their value or fell out of public attention even though they were suppressed for breaking out of the ideological boundaries of their time and embodying truth-seeking scientific approach and patriotism.


His suggestions and analyses relating to Mongolian history, global studies, and foreign affairs that remain significant to this day have been highly valued by foreign researchers and made concrete contributions to the development of historical and social sciences in Mongolia.


The compilation opens up opportunities to strengthen the connection between the senior and junior scholars of the institute exclusively carrying out research on global studies and foreign affairs in Mongolia and promote Academician Ch.Dalai’s life, academic legacy, and contributions to scientific development in Mongolia.