Ya. Sodbaatar: There are 27,169 stranded rural citizens in the capital

2020-11-23 18:45:00

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Corresponding cabinet members and officials introduced the Cabinet's decisions made at its irregular meeting today. During the press briefing, Deputy Prime Minister Ya. Sodbaatar answered the questions of reporters.

“In connection with the decision to maintain continuity of educational institutes' closure, rural students who study in the capital need to return homes. Moreover, there are many stranded rural citizens in the city. When will the problems of these people be solved?”

- A survey on people stuck in Ulaanbaatar and rural areas is nearing completion. An application to register these people is ready on hand. In addition, a temporary procedure to send these citizens to their provinces has been approved. According to epidemiological surveys of health care organizations and professional organizations, the citizens cannot be allowed to return home today or tomorrow as it is considered very risky.

Railway-related infections are occurring in 5 aimags in Mongolia. Risk assessments have shown that if the stranded citizens are allowed to return homes, the disease is likely to spread in 21 aimags. According to the survey there are 27,169 rural people stranded in the capital and over 11000 people requested to come to Ulaanbaatar from the aimags.  The number will probably increase. As soon as a relevant decision is issued, the registration application will be introduced.  Getting registered in the application, the stranded citizens will be provided the necessary information, including where they will get tested. The stranded citizens will be transported under the control of provincial police and administrations.