Rosatom Launches Global Atomic Quiz Celebrating World Science Day

2020-11-10 22:51:22

The world around us is made of atoms. Everything from the tiniest creatures to entire planets consists of these basic particles. The idea of atom has been around for centuries, and the science behind it has come a long way since. The life as we know it would have been quite different without nuclear technologies. However, this knowledge remains a well-hidden treasure.

In order to right this wrong, Rosatom is launching an international educational project Global Atomic Quiz celebrating World Science Day and the 75th anniversary of the Russian nuclear industry, which is celebrated this year in Russia. The project’s mission is to show the importance of nuclear technologies in everyday life and to highlight the role that nuclear power plays in preserving our fragile planet.

The quiz allows testing one’s knowledge and learning something new about nuclear along the way. It consists of 25 questions of different difficulty, ranging from how to obtain gold from mercury to comparing solar power and nuclear power. The quiz will be available in 11 languages, bringing together participants from all over the world.

In order to make things more exciting for everyone involved, Rosatom invited nuclear experts, including scientists, university professors, and international organizations’ workers. These professionals will pick apart all the questions of the quiz and explain why the correct answers are correct, and will share scientific facts that only a select few know about. 

Rosatom values diversity and therefore each of 11 languages will have its own expert – all with different backgrounds and from different parts of the world. For example, John Lindberg, nuclear expert with the World Nuclear Association (WNA) in the UK, Egor Zadeba, lecturer and engineer of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI in Russia, Asmaa Hanafi, researcher in the energy and environmental field at Alexandria University in Egypt, Petrus Pennanen, Doctor of Nuclear Physics, member of Helsinki City Council in Finland. 

The quiz will be available for 24 hours on November 10 at The participants will get a digital certificate to print out and put on the wall or share with friends on social media.