Number of children’s rights protection inspector increases

2020-10-21 13:51:31

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its regular meeting convened on October 21, the Cabinet discussed child protection issues and resolved to increase the number of children’s rights protection inspector in accordance with the international standard to employ one inspector per 8000 children.

Chairman of the Government Media and Public Relations Office Ts.Ganzorig briefed about the decision. He said, “Currently, one children’s rights protection inspector works with 19 thousand children in our country. As the Cabinet today made the decision to employ one state inspector for children’s rights protection per 8000 children, the total number of children’s inspectors has been added to 103, which was 30 in Ulaanbaatar and 23 in rural areas. MNT 2.5 billion is reflected in the bill on 2021 state budget for this work.”

Around 3300 children were involved in crime case or became victim of violence in the last three years. Therefore, to prevent children from becoming victim of violence or involved in crime, the number of children’s rights protection inspectors has been increased two times in compliance with the international standard, Mr.Ganzorig noted.