"What development means in a post pandemic Mongolia?"

2020-07-21 15:58:41

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Mongolia has commissioned an initiative to explore the answers to “What development means in a post pandemic Mongolia? What continues? What is restored? What can never be redone? What new opportunities now exist?”. 

To look at transformation possibilities through the systemic lens to for the last 2 months, a Reference Group consisting of a small group of local experts participated in a series of structured conversations looking at transformational possibilities through a systemic lens. It has begun to construct a strategic argument or a logic that explores both what the pandemic has done and what needs to be done. 

Now, using this work as a starting point, UNDP wishes to create  conversation about the nature of the post-normal and challenges and opportunities that pose for Mongolia. As the next step in this process, the ‘Sounding Board’ of thought leaders and key influencers from different walks of life in Mongolia was formed. The first meeting of the sounding board was organized on 21 July 2020, at Novotel Hotel in Ulaanbaatar in hybrid format of in-person and virtual within the rules and regulations put by the National Emergency Commission.  

In today’s meeting Elaine Conkievich, the Resident Representative of UNDP Mongolia, emphasized that when we deal with complex development challenges, there is no simple solution to complex development challenges. Therefore, the Government of Mongolia should make systematic decisions that cover economic and social spheres. 

Mongolia is facing the most important period of COVID-19 pandemic today. Therefore the “Standing Board” touched that it is uncertain how the country’s socio-economic development policy to be coherent with current situation so far and expressed their consideration to develop and achieve new system coordinated with current situation urgently.

And through this session and transformation journey, UNDP wishes to foster and continue the conversation in a safe space for Mongolians. The next meeting on challenges facing in Mongolia in COVID-19 pandemic situation will take place in September. 

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